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It’s in the name...

We’ve always loved the idea of a lighthouse. A constant beacon of light in an ocean of uncertainty in pursuit of bringing a lost ship back to shore. Behind that imagery, there’s the deeper symbolism of trust, guidance, and reassurance. A similar feeling arises when taking the bold step of making the decision to get married. When we find that special someone, we basically become each other’s lighthouses or lost ships - whichever way you want to look at it. Yes, it may sound super cheesy, but we love it.

Creatives at heart And on paper.

With a background in film and motion graphics. Having worked at various advertising agencies on projects nationally and internationally, we have the technical sides covered. Every wedding is captured and edited using broadcast standards, as though it were captured for TV.

Our approach to cinematography is that a wedding is all about making something emotive, TRUE, and beautiful.